Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thing 18: Screen capture tools and podcasting

Likewise, I'm going to have to come back to this one, but here is its slot.

... (20th November)
Having had a little look, I can see this is something I can't do justice to at the moment, as it involves lots of downloading and the need for all Java issues to be resolved once and for all, which is not the case either at home or at work.

I can see mileage in both Jing and podcasting, although I have to put my hand up and confess to never having listened to a podcast. Probably another one of those things which require a change of habit! (No MP3 player and no general earphone habit either). One of my colleagues has experimented with podcasting at work, with a six-part essay survival guide, at the moment available in English only, so if I were feeling brave I could perhaps attempt a Welsh version of it.

Jing could also be useful for talking users through some of the oddities of our LMS. I like the possibility of using images with added captions. Could this be the way to explain the most annoying feature of our own OPAC display, the fact that if there is more than one copy of a book and one is out on loan it does not also tell you that others are on the shelf, unless you can work out for yourself that number of items - numbers of items on loan/lost/at binding = number of items available (see? it is not easy to explain in words!)

I'm only one of a much bigger team and it would never be just down to me to make decisions about the use of these tools, unless I decided to strike out and do my own thing for Welsh language provision. I'm a bit reluctant to do this as the scale of it is all a bit much for me as a part-timer. I can't possibly do in Welsh everything that all my wonderful clever colleagues do in English. More Welsh-speakers needed, please - it's a bit lonely sometimes!

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