Monday, 11 July 2011

Thing 4 : catching up and being left behind

As well as Twitter, we were asked to explore RSS feeds and Pushnote.

RSS feeds
Shame on me, I haven't been using these before now. It's an obvious gap in my knowledge and experience: somehow my eye was off the ball when everyone else seemed to be getting themselves properly set up with them. There are many blogs and websites I occasionally dip in and out of in a rather unfocussed way, so I'm looking forward to getting on top of this with RSS. I have set it all up in Google Reader, which seems to be what most people recommend after the demise of Bloglines. All I have to do now is change my habits and remember to look at it! That's the main drawback with a lot of new tools: habits can be quite hard to change, and we probably all have our own short cuts around the Web, which is fine but you can miss things. I did wonder whether I would use RSS feeds rather than Twitter to keep up with some people whose blogs are the main reason for following on Twitter, though I notice that other cpd23 participants say the opposite (that Twitter alerts them to new blogposts more quickly), so perhaps not! I will be making an effort with Google Reader.

This is completely new to me. I think it's important for librarians to know how people communicate information, so I am not writing this one off yet, but the browser restriction is inconvenient, and at the moment I'm not sure how useful rating things and sharing the ratings would be. I tend to wait and see what early adopters make of new tools, and as they are usually generous in sharing their assessments I'll probably wait for their verdict on this one. It seems to depend on enough of a critical mass using it to be worthwhile. One to revisit later in the programme.

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